Friday, October 1, 2010

Prepping the Garden

Before:The beds are overrun with basil and lemon balm. The cat is my other cat (Quazi), he never is in any of my garden pictures because he's always much more concerned about hunting things (things he rarely catches since we all know that Ivy is the real hunter between the two).

After:All basil plants removed, lemon balm cut WAY back, and all parsley pulled out of the bed on the left (I don't know how I got so much parsley in that bed in the first place--I didn't even PLANT parsley this year. When I was planting the left bed in March, I was planting the garden while my mother in law was pulling the weeds out of the lawn; at one point she asked if I knew what the weed was that looked and smelled like parsley that was everywhere in the yard. I told it her WAS parsley and she was surprised. I guess it's one of those things that she was only expecting to find it in the garden beds and was surprised it wasn't where it should have been. I could have pulled all of it out as it was growing, but opted against it since it acted like mulch and I ended up chopping it up and putting it back in the garden bed to act like green manure.

Today's projects:
Clean the kitchen and bathrooms
Add more soil and compost to the bed on the right
Add more compost to the bed on the left
Add more compost/mulch to the potatoes (and think about adding another level of boards)
Plant the cauliflower and broccoli starts
Start the garlic soaking overnight and plant that tomorrow morning
Plant plants I picked up last weekend
Plant some seeds (staggered throughout october and november)
and finally, move the passion vines to a different location.

Yes....welcome to October.


Amy said...

What an herbal bounty you grew! Isn't it funny how short the August garden list is vs how long the October list gets? I put in some broccoli and greens yesterday, but you've just reminded me about potatoes and garlic...I'm adding them to the list. Happy fall gardening!

mysisterdalesgarden said...

Gardens take time. I couldn't grow a thing before I started a memorial garden. Have a look. I'm sure you're on the right track.

The Whimsical Gardener said...

Oh yes, I love October too! I sometimes find myself running in circles for all the things I want to accomplish! Enjoy!

Jeffrey said...

I'm hoping to plant some garlic and sweet potatoes very soon. I also want to put in another raised bed beside my other one, just like you have yours. Where did you get your potatoes from? A local nursery?

Jeff | Plant Covers For Your Garden