Friday, October 1, 2010

Garlic growing season 2011

As I didn't think I could replant the garlic I had last year (something I had in my head about cloves could only be smaller than what the parent clove was, which I don't think is necessarily the case--that's the case with pineapple, though), I went ahead and ordered another 2 pounds of garlic for planting from Gourmet Garlic Gardens. I also have some seaweed solution stuff so I'm going to add that to the soaking wash tonight. I'll likely have left over garlic again this year so if you want to try growing it, let me know.

The varieties for this year are thusly:

Polish White: An Artichoke Garlic. Rich, mellow garlic flavor - very little pungency when raw. Harvests in late spring/early summer - Stores through fall into winter. Great for raw eating - Grows well in cold and warm winter areas.

Inchelium Red: An Artichoke Garlic. Medium rich garlic flavor - medium pungency when raw. Harvest in early summer - stores through winter. A rich, medium softneck that grows well all over the USA.

Lorz Italian: An Artichoke Garlic. Rich garlic flavor - Very hot pungency when raw. Harvests in early summer - stores through the winter. Great heirloom Italian garlic - Thrives almost anywhere.

Maiskij: A Turban Garlic. A rich garlic flavor - hot pungency when raw. Harvests around June - Stores well into fall.

Applegate: An Artichoke Garlic. Very mild flavor - Very little pungency when raw. Harvests early in season - Stores 5-6 months.

I will also be planting some that I grew last year:

Shilla: A Turban Garlic. A rich garlic flavor - warm pungency when raw - harvests very early in the season - stores through fall.

Burgundy: A creole garlic - Very rich garlic flavor - mild/mellow pungency when raw - harvests in mid season - stores 8-10 months.


jabee said...

If you do have some left over I'll take it!

Last year's crop was a failure but I want to try again. Ordered from Gourmet too but area was too shaded.

Email me at jbrunclik at hotmail dot com.

Love your blog. I too came from Colorado and had trouble adjusting my gardening to Texas seasons.

Also started a website to help others though I have to find out why it's disappeared from the web. Too busy now with fall gardening.

Paul said...

Awesome! I rec'd my GGarlic pack just this last Saturday. I ordered the "warm" winter sampler pack...and I too have a tremendous surplus.

I did the baking soda/seaweed thing as well as the rubbing alcohol (that actually scared me, but I vowed to follow directions).

It said not to worry about fertilizer, but still mixed in a couple of cups of a 5-4-3 vegetable blend I had leftover as well as some Minerals Plus, composted cow manure, and homemade compost. No mulch until I see some action.

OH and I decided to try one variety in a double-dug bed; the rest in a raised bed. Science fair times!

Lancashire rose said...

You are a garlic lover. I wasn't thrilled with my garlic crop last year. The cloves were too small and fiddly. I like the longneck better. Any luck with that?