Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thai Chili Peppers

So, a few weeks ago, I pulled the 4 green Thai Chili peppers off of the plant and set them on the windowsill in the kitchen to eventually turn red.

I minced one and added it to our breakfast potatoes on Thursday.


The husband said "The potatoes have extra kick...I'm surprised you're still eating them." (I am notorious for not handling heat well--for comparison, I tend to think the Plucker's Buffalo Medium is just about right and the Buffalo Hot is much too hot. The husband, on the other hand, thinks the Fire in the Hole is the bees knees). You better believe that I was trying to pick off every little bit of red I saw on my potatoes after the first couple of bites because I really didn't want to bite into one of those peppers.

This next year, I think I'm going to try Habaneros. This is only because I think the Mexican peppers will do better here than the Thai peppers.

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