Thursday, October 8, 2015

Inside Austin Garden Tour

Awesome.  I wrote a long entry and then the browser crashed taking all my hard work with it.  So now you get the condensed version.

The Inside Austin Garden Tour is happening on October 17, 2015.  It runs from 9am - 4pm and costs $20 (for all 7 gardens) or $5 for each individual garden (the extension office demo garden is always free).

The Austin Garden Bloggers were invited to have a pre-tour to allow us to blog about the tour BEFORE the tour.  Because of prior commitments, I could only make it to the last garden and the extension office - but based on photos from others, the other gardens are not to be missed.

This is the "Flashy Natives" garden.  I foresee the giant purple grass on the right being the next big thing in the garden blogger world...

Hamelia Patens and Philippine Violet combo.  Hamelia patens is commonly known as Firebush or Butterfly bush/plant - which there are like 30 different plants marketed as "butterfly plant" so be sure to look for the scientific name.  Also, why doesn't my plant look like this?  It probably doesn't get enough sun, dammit. 

Master Gardener Demo Gardens - I really ought to do hoops on my garden - you can keep the sun out, keep the bugs out, keep the heat in depending on what you put on the yeah, I should look into doing hoops.

Lady bug larva (right) and pupae (lefT)

"Fireworks" Gomphrena.  I think I need to print this picture...

Purple Passionvine

Mexican Flame Vine.  I think this may be my next vine I'm going to try.  I keep trying vines and not being happy with the results.  I probably need to cut them back or something to force branching...


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Great depth :)

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Danielle Butler said...

oooooo I like the big purple grass AND my favorite pictures was the passionvine.