Wednesday, July 8, 2015

NxNA Garden Tour 2015: Ferguson and Williams Gardens

At the beginning of May, the NxNA Garden Tour took place and of the 24 gardens, I managed to visit 19 of them.  It was a busy day.

You can read my other NxNA Garden Tour entries (both this year and last year here).

The last garden I planned on visiting was the Ferguson Garden.  Ms. Ferguson actually lives down the street from Tina of My Gardener Says.  Tina's yard was supposed to be on the tour, but due to a family emergency she postponed until next year (so don't miss it!).  Ms. Ferguson has SO many plants in her yard - it's very cottage-y, and it's something that I actually really like.  My husband tends to claim that he likes the cottage garden look, but he really doesn't because it's too messy for his tastes.  In any case, I LOVED Ms. Ferguson's garden and I loved talking to her about it (especially with her wonderful British accent)

The agaves hold court

From a different angle

St. Francis?  Not the normal animals I'm used to seeing with St. Francis...

 Ms. Ferguson actually convinced me to head around the corner to the Williams garden (since I still had 10 minutes left in the tour time), it really doesn't take much to convince me to see another garden, though.  In any case, it was at the Williams garden that I met Lacey and Neil - two recent transplants to the Austin Area from Wisconsin.  Lacey is a teacher (speech if I remember correctly), and Neil does computer stuff.  They are one cool couple, and I hope to see them again at other garden tour-y type stuff.

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Love the succulents!