Monday, September 15, 2014

September wide angles

As per usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short.  Who knew that fostering kittens would take up so much time?  Okay, that's a lie - I'm currently not fostering.  It has more to do with the fact that my husband commandeers the computer when we get home, and I keep feeling like I have nothing to blog about (which is totally not true).

Anhow, we'll get started with September wide angles and then I'll move into mass writing blog entries and having them post every week.

So.  September Wide Angles.  As you all know the drill by now, Heather at XericStyle (which, by the way, I saw that she was on CTG a few months back) invites us to share wide angle photos of our yards so we can see how they change through the seasons.

This year, it's been pretty dry with maybe one good rain a month.  Unfortunately, we did not have a good rain in August; and the yard is showing it.  

From across the street:

Those trellises are by Bob at Draco - they're pretty nifty.  :)  And you can see Shawn having just come back from a road ride.

A closer view of the hell strip:

And of the far part of the hell strip with the Rose Bed in the back:

And a view of walking up the front door:
A closer look at Bob's Trellises.  I need to do a post on just them...

Around the side yard:
Featuring the sprinkler which I use to water the plants so they will bloom, thus feeding the hummingbirds and bees.

A panoramic from by the rain barrel

A panoramic from the back door

A picture looking toward the garden

Looking at the garden from the rainbarrel on this side

Sadly, the world photos are causing my computer to crash so I can't post either of them.


heather/ xericstyle said...

You have so many cool different areas!!!! I love your deck...did y'all build that? Even though we had had little rain, your garden bones look wonderful :) loooove!

Bob said...

Your gardens are looking good this summer and your hell strips look great. Your side yard would look a whole lot better with a custom gate to walk through. Hint, hint. I work cheap for pretty girls you know.

katina said...

@Heather - no, the deck and the giant rock swale were built by the previous owner (he was a general contractor). I planted all of the plants (sans the giant Arizona Ash, the Asiatic jasmine, St. Augustine grass, and Red Tipped Photinia) were planted by me.

katina said...

@Bob - I know, I know - I'm getting around to it. :) First I gotta fill in the giant hole. Then I gotta dig a new hole..why can't the holes be in the places I want them in the first place?