Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Another host plant - this one for the Gulf Fritillary.  Passionvine.  This one isn't the native variety (though it is native to South America, so it could easily have found its way here eventually); I believe this one is Blue Passionvine.  The Fritillaries don't care.  To them, it's just food.  Beware - as with most passionvines, it can be a bit invasive and spreads most by roots - surprisingly I've found that this one spreads by roots, but will pop up like 3' away from the mother plant.


Claude said...

These plants are great. Tje butterflies are great too, but i did have to eventually thin some of them out... evidently i had the only passionvine for miles and tje thing spent an entire summer eaten to sticks. I wanted a few blooms, dang it!

Ally said...

The passionvine volunteer you gave me was doing really well. This summer it bloomed beautifully. My first passionvine to make to a bloom cycle (Yay!). Now, the plant is covered with fritillary's eating it death. More than half the plant is gone and I keep hoping they will get their fill soon and leave a leaf or two so the plant can regenerate. If I come a knockin' for a replacement, you'll know why :-)

katina said...

@Ally - Don't worry. The plants I have by the front door spend most of their miserable lives as sticks. In fact, they just finally were able to have leaves on them for more than a day this last week. So, I'd guess that as long as the plant bloomed, it'll be fine.