Saturday, September 7, 2013

Around the Yard - Early Sept 2013 - Hell Strip

My dad is now on the mend, and the 'rents will be moving out of the house tomorrow, so I hope to maybe, possibly, have more time to blog in the near future. The problem, of course, is the husband - he now has it in his head that we must exercise every day. EVERY DAY! We exercise after we come home; so after getting home, exercising, showering and eating dinner, we usually have about an hour before we go to bed. Not much time for blogging when we do things that way. So I may end up resorting to creating blog entries to be posted at a later date (not like I don't do that already).

Anyhoo - I figured, since it's been a while, that I would start with some photos from around the yard - just so you can see what it looks like in all its crispy glory. (Don't worry - I'll get to the 'how to water trees in a drought' eventually - probably next weekend)

In the photo above, the Artemisia (the silvery plant) looks pretty darn good - and the Alamo Vine (on the mail box) as well.  Other plants that seem to be doing pretty well include Santolina (both gray and green - you can see them close to the car tire), and the Ruby Crystals grass (next to the Santolina).  Plants that aren't doing so well include a plethora of some type of sage that was a tag-a-long plant from some plant that I purchased (I let it reseed - when it gets enough water it looks pretty darn good), and Tahoka Daisy (I just think it's at the end of it's life cycle because it usually looks really good in the spring).  The neighbor's patch of grass is pretty crisp-i-fied and there is a giant Fire Ant mound.  Yippie!

In the above picture, there really isn't anything that's doing exceptionally well.  This is because all the Dahlberg Daisies are reseeding and will die off soon.  There really isn't a whole lot else in this bed - there's a Mexican Feather Grass which is dead (or dying), and Prairie Fleabane (currently reseeding).  And a bunch of weeds...A whole bunch of weeds.  I will probably be tackling this next weekend.

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Bond said...

Your plants even in their end of summer state still look better than both the neighbors boring old grass. I'm not sure if I miss weeding or not now that I am yard-free. I do miss investigating what is going on and seeing the animals that visit.