Sunday, March 3, 2013


What does one do when one already has 13 (strike that, 12 since one got clipped) tomatoes in 4" pots?  Go to the Sunshine Community Garden and Austin Organic Growers sales to pick up yet more tomatoes. Naturally.

I picked up Roberta a little late because I was too busy watering my garden to actually leave on time.  Once I got her safely ensconced in my car (and with her sitting ramrod straight because of a bad back), we headed over to Buck Moore to pick up some chicken feed and to look at the baby chicks.  Then we headed over to the Sunshine Community Garden Plant Sale.  There I picked up a Trinidad Scorpion Pepper for my husband; a dill plant to replace the poor aphid ridden plant in the garden; a marjoram plant because I like me some Italian food; and Raspberry Miracle, J.D.'s Special, and Pink Berkley Tie-Dye tomatoes.  I can't say "no" to tomatoes.  WEIRD TOMATOES, I WISH I KNEW HOW TO QUIT YOU!  Of course I rationalized the tomato purchases by convincing myself that the tomatoes I started from seed (Black Krim and Roma) didn't look all that hot and they may not even produce, so I might as well purchase some good plant starts to hedge my bets.  Never mind the fact that I have no where to put 16 tomato plants. I still had to talk myself out of getting an eggplant (I've got 5 still in the seed starter thing that I need to transplant to 4" pots). After Robera purchased her 9 plants (or however many she got), we headed south to the Austin Organic Growers sale.

The Austin Organic Growers Sale is a sale that I stumbled upon back when I first started gardening.  I'm not sure how I managed to find the AOG sale advertised but not the Sunshine Sale since most know of Sunshine but not AOG.  Nonetheless, the husband and I went down to that AOG sale where we learned about the Sunshine Sale so we decided to hit it up on our way back north.  Ever since, I've gone to both sales.  In recent years, the AOG has started getting plants from Gabriel Growers (the same vendor that provides the plants for the Sunshine Sale) in addition to the plants that the club propagates on their own.  But I digress - Roberta and I headed south to the AOG sale, paid our $2 to get into Zilker Botanical Gardens and went to the sale.  I found some white yarrow that I have been looking for since making my garden plan.  Roberta purchased some other plants too (including a lemon verbena that none of us (meaning the sale people and the two of us) knew whether it was an ornamental or an edible) (Note:  It's both). 

Then we went and ate lunch at El Alma.  It was delicious. 

We headed back to Roberta's where we hung out on her front porch talking and throwing bread pieces at the chickens and guinea while sitting with Beagle in the sun.

Damn it was a great day.


Ally said...

i was volunteering at the sale for the Ground to Ground program. They had a huge crowd out there. It warms my heart to see so many optimistic gardeners eager to get planting.

Bond said...

Cool! Sounds fun! I'll be eager to see how the different tomato varieties that you have do. I have my one tomato plant in a pot (a cherry variety). So far it is growing nicely and getting bushy.