Sunday, February 17, 2013

Book Review: Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart

Another book my sister got for me for Christmas was Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart.

I had never read an Amy Stewart book before, so I'm not sure if the layout is the same - she has 2-4 page synopses of each type of plant outlining why the plant is bad and what it does.  Having these short chapters makes for easy refreshers later.  For example, one of my coworkers mentioned a beverage that his brother brought back for him from the Netherlands; the beverage included some buffalo grass in the bottle.  I remembered that this book had something about a Polish drink that included buffalo grass so I found that particular entry, flagged it, and let my coworker read it.

On the plus side, the 'chapters' are extremely short, so for those that can't read much, should find this book no problem to read in snippets.  It's also a good book to have on hand if you have any plants that are listed - at least you'll know wha tot look for if someone eats the plant.

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