Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Project: Rose Bed

As we were preparing to go on vacation (to Santa Fe, New Mexico - don't worry, there will be a blog post about it), Shawn was working out and I had the brilliant idea to start a new project. We had a bunch of Asiatic Jasmine around the Dr. Huey rose which died off in the "great drought of 2011". I had been leaving the dead plant because it's a pain in the arse to remove Asiatic Jasmine (even if it is dead), and I figured it was providing some amount of mulch-type-cover for the rose. My mother and father in law came over the weekend before we left, and since they made some comment about the dead plant, I figured that meant it was time to actually get rid of it.

For the hell strip I used the neighbor's mattock to cut through and rip out the jasmine, for this project I just grabbed our rake because I had figured my real goal was to just rip off the leaves.  The rake worked better than I hoped and I was able to actually pull out the whole plant. 

The plan is to plant some zexmenia in the area (mostly because I think the flowers will go nicely with the roses. Of course, as per usual, I started the project before taking any pictures, but I'm sure you get the idea:

More pictures to come when I plant the other plants in the bed.


Cat said...

Maybe that's the trick to getting rid of the jasmine...figure out a way to kill it first (which I didn't think was possible) and then just pull it out. It must be a hardy rose!
Have fun in Santa Fe. Lucky you to escape the heat for a while.

Linda/patchwork said...

Ugh...Asian jasmine....had it in our old garden, and it tried to take over the whole place.

Have a great time in Santa Fe. That's a beautiful area.