Friday, February 24, 2012

Great Backyard Bird Count Photo (2 of 2)

Male Downy (RJ) at the suet feeder.  Sadly he's little and has to wait his turn when the starlings are around.  Thankfully I've found that the starlings aren't big fans of the Scott's Woodpecker Treat suet.  I think it's probably a mix between the Woodpecker Treat not having any millet and that it's not the Wild Birds Unlimited Suet (which makes me sad because it seems like all the birds prefer the WBU suet - next I'll have to try the C&S to see if the birds like it any better than the Scott's).


Linda/patchwork said...

The Starlings here, can finish off a suet block in no time flat. I just quit putting them out.
I do like to see the woodpeckers get some...and, the chickadees.

Have a good weekend.

Bob said...

How many different birds did you count?

Anonymous said...

The starlings have the right idea. Scott's hates birds!