Friday, December 2, 2011

Project: Plant Removal

I'm working on a project (and have been since Veteran's Day) that involves removing approximately 50 feet of dead Asiatic Jasmine. I'm still working on it, but at least I only have about 10 feet to go. Pictures to come when I'm done with the project...which probably won't be for a while.

And I still need to get garlic in the ground.

I love that it's finally raining, but I'd rather it not be so I can do the garlic and more of the plant removal.

But I guess as long as it's more misty than actually raining, it will all work out.

I haven't checked the total for today, but I'm guessing it's somewhere in the 1" range. which brings our total November 1 to present total around 3".


Lancashire rose said...

You just reminded me. I have some garlic int he pottingshed. Too wet to plant right now. Good luck with your new project

Cat said...

What a job you've gotten yourself involved in, Katina. That jasmine is tough! You're going to feel immensely satisfied when it's gone!

Tim said...

Got any tips on the Jasmine removal? I've got multiple thousand square feet in need of removal.

katina said...

JEEBUS Tim! 1000 square feet?! I guess for that I'd recommend gasoline and a lighter. Just kidding.

I've been using a pickaxe, but its also taken me like 7 hours to remove the hell strip...