Saturday, October 29, 2011

Veggie Plant Winners (Round 4)


Black Krim (2 plants) - 5 tomatoes total, 3 ruined by squirrels or birds.
Roma (2 plants) - 5 tomatoes total, 1 ruined by blossom end rot, 1 on the vine (the plants have started blooming again because of the cooler weather).
Crookneck Squash - 3 squash total, 2 eaten by squirrels, 1 picked too late to eat.
Red LaSoda Potatoes (5 planted) - 10 potatoes
White Kennebec Potatoes (4 planted) - 2 potatoes
Sweet Potato - 0 thus far
Watermelon - 1 thus far - I had 3, one was eaten by possums, the other I just picked, and the third one is still on the vine.
Eggplant - 3 total - the first one fell off the plant so I was going to use it, but forgot about it until it was soft. The other 2 were used in Pasta Alla Norma. One of the plants is blooming again, but I don't know if we'll get any more eggplants before the freezes start.
Cayenne Pepper - 5
Thai Red Demon Pepper - 53 peppers total, 2 eaten by squirrels/birds, 2 given to Linda Lehmusvirta. Plus, more on the way.
Jalapeno Pepper - 16 peppers (though 10 of those are tiny and green and have no heat at all - the plant stem just started drying up so I pulled the peppers off of that stem, but the other 2 stems are fine), plus more on the way.

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