Monday, September 12, 2011


The sole gulf fritillary butterfly I've had born in my yard this year. The rest have been killed in their formative stages by the paper wasps that live in the eave of the house.

The saucer I put out for the toads and lizards is finally being used by one of the toads.

The bird feeder, which is mostly used by the Jays and the Doves is also being used by Cordelia the Cardinal (also, my husband believes I am crazy naming all the resident animals, though he had no problem with me naming some of the ducks in college.) Also, this photo was taken through a window and a screen.

It's also being used by the squirrels...meh. They need food, too. Besides, I only put a cup of seed out each day so it's not like I lose a lot by letting the squirrels take the left overs after the birds are done.

Hackberry Emperor butterflies mating on my window screen. You go, little butterflies, a variety of which I've never seen in my yard before, but likely were attracted to the sap from my pistache tree because the bird feeder rubbed one of the branches every time I took it off of the tree.

And finally, the best success of them all, a picture of Bettye - the resident female humming bird (yes, she looks like a male in this picture, but it's just the angle). I have at least three that visit throughout the day. This photo was taken from about 20 yards away. The next day I was able to move my chair to 15 yards. Soon I'll be able to be close.


Rambling Wren said...

I love gulf fritillary butterflies. I planted a passion flower vine at our new house. I have not had any caterpillars this year so I'm thinking the vine needs to be in full sun.

Don't feel bad... I name the animals in our yard as well. My favorite is Stubby, a squirrel who has half his tail.

Roberta said...

I've heard that pistache sap is unparalleled as an aphrodisiac in the butterfly world. Congrats on all your successes!

katina said...

@Rambling Wren - It seems to take them about a year to find the the very least a couple of months. The vine in the picture is in dappled sun, so it probably doesn't have to be in full sun - just give them time to find it. I haven't named the squirrel yet, but I did name the opossum that lives somewhere close by - it's name is TIM-MAY! but then, I name all the opossums TIM-MAY!

Bob said...

You've got a regular nature preserve there. I'm with you, I'll do what ever it takes to have wild life around the garden.

We have a doe that has two fawns this year and some thing, maybe a coyote has jerked the hide right off one of them's tail. It was bloody red but has turned black now. I think it will fall off eventually. It's a little buck fawn too. You want to know what I'm going to name him?.... Bob

I'll send you some pictures if you want.

katina said...

@Bob - lemme guess, you're naming the buck, Bob?

poor little deer. My mother in law has been super proud that their back yard has been the home of 4 babies this year...I doubt she'll be that happy when they all start eating her plants because of the drought...

Cat said...

Katina, I am back in Austin. It was hard to leave the fall color and cool temps behind! Thanks for the tip though. We are going to try to go back next fall and if so, I'll look the spot up.