Saturday, August 6, 2011

Plant Sale

I went to the HEB last Saturday to get the makings for Ranch & Spinach Pasta Salad (Rotini, bacon, spinach, and ranch dressing). While there, I decided to check out the plant section to see if they had any thing that would feed/water birds (aka plant saucers or bird baths). I didn't find any thing of that sort, but I did start looking at the plants. I ended up picking up a weeping jade plant for $2, and a portulaca for $1.19. I then found the clearance section. A clearance section that's full of plants that aren't even necessarily looking all that bad, and so I picked up a Persian Shield for $2, Devonshire Lavender for $1, and a Blue Salvia for $1. Of course I'm sure the clearance plants will promptly die as soon as I put them in the ground (but maybe I can propagate them - especially the salvia and the Persian Shield).

Of course the reason I even looked at the plants was because I had bought some clearance pots at Lowe's the weekend before - a lime green and a bright purple small pots (a little bit bigger than those 4" plastic things), and two blue and bronze triangle shaped pots labelled as "Orchid pots". I figured the jade plant would look good in the purple pot and I could probably break off some of the leaves to get them going in one of the blue and bronze pots. And while the Persian shield would look stunning in the green pot, it is a bit too small unless I want to keep propagating the plant to keep it small enough.


Tina Poe said...

Those are pretty impressive finds for HEB!

Paul said...

I suggest preemptive pest control. HEB has some decent deals here and there, but they are not a gardening place and pay little mind to things like mealybugs and spidermites (hellish creatures in this weather!). I've been stung before by their deals. Same w/HD and Lowe's.