Saturday, July 30, 2011

It was all a Go at my house this morning...

This morning, a bunch of Garden bloggers all convened on my house to give me ideas of what to do with my "part All Shade, part All Sun, and Drainage Problems All Over" area of my yard (basically the south side of the house). Along with many great ideas for plants and grading suggestions, I also received a couple of awesome gifts. Diana from Sharing Nature's Garden gave me the little metal dragonfly in the top picture (which is sitting on top of Daphne's garden plan).

Bob from Central Texas Gardening gave me a white Philippine Violet, Ronny from The Lazy Shady Gardener gave me Silver Squill and Soap Aloe. Last but not least, Bob from Gardening at Draco made a butterfly (for lack of a better word) doodad 'specially for me.

I was so excited about having everyone over, I totally spaced that I was going to give away a tea towel that I'm sewing. Le Sigh.


Rohrerbot said...

You are so lucky!!! How much fun to have all those people together in one area. Coffee, ideas, and gardening!!! Well, I don't know if you had coffee or not, but I'd add that part in....hope you got a lot of ideas:)

Cat said...

Thanks for hosting Katina! Seems like you got some good ideas for the drainage problem and quite a few treasures too!

Lancashire rose said...

I am so sorry I missed coming to visit your garden. sounds like you had a great time. I don't know why builders leave us with drainage issues but they always seem to.

Heart O' Texas Orchid Society said...

Hi katina,
This is off the subject, but not sure how else to contact you. I am the representative for the Heart O' Texas Orchid Society here in Austin and we have our 41st Annual event coming up in April and would like to have it listed on your Events Calendar. You can contact me at

geoffrey Frost