Thursday, November 11, 2010


So...We're at that time of year again. The time of year when the below freezing temperatures start. When I was a kid in elementary school, the teachers would always hold a contest where the goal was to guess the first day of the year that the snow would stick to the ground (the cement/asphalt). Of course they always offered some prize of some sort, and I don't really have any prizes that anyone would really bragging rights it is!

So what are your guesses of date when we get the first hard freeze (below 32 F for at least 2 hours) at Camp Mabry? at ABIA?

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I'm guessing December 27.


NotSoAngryRedHead said...

I'm gonna guess December 13th. My second guess would be January 3rd, but I'm guessing I'm only allowed one guess. ;-)

Bond said...

I'm guessing by November 24th. I have never had the family come over for Thanksgiving when the plants out front haven't had freeze damage already. The lantana always looks great up until right before Thanksgiving and then when the family gets here, they are greeted by blackened leaves.

Bob said...

Weve already had several frosts but no hard freeze yet. We usually get our first hard freeze just after Thanksgiving. In Austin I would say December 15.

LindaCTG said...

Hmm, this is tough. Not Thanksgiving this year. I'll go for Dec. 16.

YardFarm said...

Let's say Boxing day, the 26th when we're all inside drinking hot cider!