Sunday, August 8, 2010

You gotta watch your melons...

As I tweeted a while back, the ONE watermelon I had was eaten by the opossums or the raccoons. Around that time, I noticed that there was a cantaloupe on a vine that had started climbing the tomato cage. After it was heavy enough, it pulled the vines down and was growing behind the garden bed. I figured at that point that I'd better reach over and actually put it inside the garden otherwise I'd forget about it. In my haste to wait until it was good and ripe, I let it get overripe and the bugs ended up eating it (earwigs, specifically). I tasted a small bit today that wasn't eaten by the bugs and it was pretty bland--it did taste like cantaloupe, but not very sweet cantaloupe.

So, there you go, 1 watermelon eaten by varmints, and 1 cantaloupe eaten by bugs.

Last night I noticed another watermelon growing, and considering that it was the size of the last watermelon before I even noticed it, hopefully that means that the varmints won't notice it either. fingers crossed!

In other planting news, I planted the aforementioned zucchini and yellow squash seeds in the garden. Of all the seeds I planted, I've noticed 3 spots where the squash has come up (and the odd thing is that in these three piles, all the seeds have sprouted, and in the other piles none of the seeds have sprouted). This most likely means that the squash are all the same variety, which, meh, whatever, the point was to get something in the garden that will cover the dirt. I thinned the squash to 2 plants per location, so hopefully they appreciate that rather than 5 plants per spot.

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