Monday, July 5, 2010


I was going to make some dill dinner rolls today, but opted against it when I got out there and saw all this.

But I also saw this:

I shall name him/her Billy.

Billy turned into this a few hours later:

And I finally found the one that I thought I saw getting ready to pupate last week. I shall name this one George. George is the lighter green 'leaf' in the center of the picture.

Best of luck little buddies. Hopefully this turns out better than the last chrysalis I found.


Ross said...

Very nice, Katina! I'll keep my fingers crossed. Btw, where do you have your cilantro growing that is hasn't gone all crazy on you?

katina said...

I don't have cilantro--that's flat leaf parsley. :)

RBell said...

Really cool! I have enjoyed my Dill-fed caterpillars, but have only found one chrysalis. Great spot!

bond said...

Nice! So my hornworms successfully cocooned themselves some weeks ago. I had them in a critter keeper I used to use to transport my mice. I left it on the kitchen counter and kept saying I would take it outside, but then kind of wanted to see one of the giant moths. I came home Friday to a critter keeper full of about a dozen flies. So I took it outside and took the lid off to let them out and of course when I dumped out the soil the maggots had eaten the cocooned caterpillars. But I am shedding no tears seeing as they are garden pests anyway and I was merely curious.

katina said...

Ronnie, so far, as Vertie pointed out, the chrysalises (chrysali?) have been of the caterpillars who ate the dill plant and then went to the parsley to pupate. The ones that are eating the parsley are going somewhere else.

Dani said...

Way cool. I too am crossing my fingers that your little Billy or George making it through their transformation pharse. hopeful we get some pictures out of the process. (even if the months are evil :) )