Sunday, October 4, 2009

El Nino

I believe that El Nino has finally reached Austin and it is bringing all the rain. we had 1.25" last night and then probably about another 3" today. I have to use my highly non-scientific method of measuring the depth of water in one of the buckets outside and then subtracting the amount of rain that was in it before it started raining...or rather how much water I thought there was before the storm this afternoon.

One thing is for sure, certain areas of the yard become ponds and rivers during downpours. One area is the "lower garden"--This area currently has rain lilies, a turk's cap, horse herb that I never planted, and one little Esperanza plant I got from Bob at Draco Gardens last weekend. The whole area along the line between our property and the neighbors to the south becomes a river. Since this area is close to the house, I would much prefer to turn it into a rain garden with some sort of French Drain system--especially since it was probably 2" deep against the foundation of the house and 3" of rain isn't a 100-year storm (10" is though). The other area that ponds is just below the dry pond area, which we can always just expand a little.

So much work...sigh...eventually we'll get it done.


Pam/Digging said...

Aargh, we got a few light sprinkles but nothing measurable all weekend. And I let my hubby talk me into not watering on my watering day, even though we didn't water last weekend either. Now I'll have to do some extensive hand-watering unless we get some real rain soon. Glad to hear you got some though.

Meredith said...

My soil hasn't had a chance to dry out from any of these rain moments we've had. It's a good thing, but now I worry about my drought-hardy plants dying from soggy feet! I guess it's clear that I've clay in my soil, not that I ever questioned it before. I just hope Lake Travis is getting rain with each storm that comes through.

Lancashire rose said...

We did get an inch but I think we are in for more. Some of my plants are not responding well. One good thing is that the wildflowers seeds are going crazy so I think we will have a bumper spring. I hope my agaves dry out before winter arrives. They don't like winter rain and then frost.

Bob said...

Does it look like most of the plants are going to make it Katina?

katina said...


Yes, I think most the plants will make it--
I think one of the beauty berries may have died, but that's more because I was trying to save it for ross, but it wasn't responding well to being in a pot, I finally gave in and planted it, but I dont' know if I got it in the ground quick enough.

I planted the Esperanza and then a few days later had the 4" of rain, and the poor little plant was completely underwater for a while, but it looked fine this morning.

The Shrimp plant is thriving. I also planted various clumps of liriope around the yard.

All the other plants are still in pots (I'm trying to wait for Ross to close on his house so we can fight over who gets the rest.)