Saturday, September 12, 2009

Even More Rain!!!'s been raining off and on since my friend Matt flew in. It rained on Thursday...and apparently it rained through the night (according to one of my coworkers who lives close by), and then it rained some more at the house on Friday (according to Matt who was here). It rained all night (sprinkles mostly). This morning I got up and went out to check the rain gauge. It was at 2.25" or so. I didn't empty it because I was under the misguided impression that it wasn't supposed to rain as much today, so I didn't dump it out. Now it's pouring. Yeah, I'm sure the little rain gauge has been overtopped. I only figure this based on the fact that I have a bucket sitting outside and it is about 2/3 full. It was only maybe 1/6 full this morning when I checked the gauge.

It does make me think though that we ought to put in a rain garden in the area on the south side of our house since the rain has formed a nice point of ponding.

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Bob said...

I've been missing those little showers that Austin has been getting. However I made up for it in the last couple of days. Since Friday we have gotten 8 1/4" of rain. All the ponds are full now. I have about 8000 gallons of water in the cisterns now. I only have three hooked up right now. I better get off my dead ass and move some more in. Excuse my French, Bob